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Bibliothèque-Médiathèque – Exposition de peinture du 9 au 29 avril 2016 : Les Gens

les gens

Il y a un texte en français and in English, read on :

Bob & Barbara Donovan, Trevor Hodkiss et Marie-Odette Ribière ont installé « Les Gens »



L’Exposition a mis en valeur des artistes : Barbara et Bob Donovan, Claudine Debelvalet, Trevor Hodgkiss, Ghislaine Meynier, Carole Palmer et Marie-Odette Ribière.

Chaque artiste a son espace dans la bibliothèque-médiathèque.

Sept artistes, utilisant l’aquarelle, le pastel, l’acrylique, le fusain, le crayon ou bien encore l’appareil photo, nous offrent à voir des portraits, des nus et des gens dans leurs activités quotidiennes, dont le sport.

Pour un accompagnement de cette exposition Barbara propose des portraits divers au cours de plusieurs siècles avec des approches très variées sur le sujet.

Les visiteurs étaient nombreux ce samedi matin avec tous une seule envie : rencontrer et féliciter ces peintres.

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In English !

The photos are of Bob and Babara Donovan, Trevor Hodgkiss and Marie-Odette Ribière who set up the exhibition. If you click on the blue underined part in this text it will take you to another page in this blog which says :

LES GENS » » People »the exhibition by « LES PEINTRES DE ST PAUL LA ROCHE » at the Mediatheque in Thiviers from 9 to 30 April, is an exploration of the human form through painting, drawing, and photography. Using a variety of media : watercolour, pastel, acrylic, charcoal, pencil as well as the camera, seven artists have explored portraiture, figure painting, the nude and people going about their everyday activities including sport.

The group of artists, originally living around St Paul La Roche was formed in 2006 by Barbara Donovan and though she has since moved to Mensignac, the group still meets and now also includes two extra members from this new area.

Les Gens is an exciting, stimulating exhibition with a variety of age-old themes, wide choice of materials and sensitive, enthusiastic approaches to depicting the human condition.

Artists include Barbara and Bob Donovan, Claudine Debelvalet, Trevor Hodgkiss, Ghislaine Meynier, Carole Palmer and Marie Odette Ribiere.

The opening hours of the Mediatheque(tel . 05 53 62 08 82 ) are:

Tues 16.00 – 19.30

Wed 14.30 – 19.00

Thur .9.30 – 12.00 and 16.30- 19.00

Fri 14.30 – 18.30

Sat 9.30 – 12.00 and 14.30 – 18.00

This exhibition really shows off each artist’s work in the best possible conditions.The artists are : Barbara et Bob Donovan, Claudine Debelvalet, Trevor Hodgkiss, Ghislaine Meynier, Carole Palmer et Marie-Odette Ribière.

Each artist has a separate but equally important place in the library.

What is also interesting is the use of different mediums from watercolour to pastels to photography. The exhibition is not just portraits but people in all forms and walks of life, including sport.

Barbara has created a side show (which is on the screen on the left) as you go into the libray which depicts « portraits » from Giotto to Hockney, which is fascinating and a stimulating facet to this exhibition.

Loads of visitors flooded through the doors last Saturday, to meet and discuss with the artists, but more importantly, to congatulate them !

The exhibition is only on till the 30th April, come and enjoy it while you can !

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